As part of my management service, I will:

Visit your Property

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Visit your property on a weekly basis to check the following if you won’t be in the house:

· Gas and mains electricity points
· The water supply- confirming with flushing of toilets and running of taps
· Air the house
· Inspection for damp and mould to the interior, check for vermin and infestation
· Watering house and balcony plants

Additional inspections will always follow any severe weather conditions, which may affect the condition of your property.

A winter house-proofing program will ensure water lines are secure and radiators are set to a safe minimum temperature for the colder season.

Garden Maintenance

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Guarantee a constant ordinary Garden Maintenance including:

· Mowing the lawn weekly
· Collecting the leaves
· Planting seasonal flowers
· Adjust the hedges
· Keeping the paved areas tide and clean as well as the pedestrian path along the wall

Telephone Assistance

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Ensure a 24/7 Telephone Assistance for common problems that can easily be solved by telephone including operation of :

· Appliances
· Power loss
· Lost keys
· Minor health issues
· Assistance with local authorities

Informative Visitor Guide

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Provide an Informative Visitor Guide updated every 6 months. The guide will include all relevant visitor information including an up-to-date list of, i.e.:

· Transport links
· Local restaurants
· Bars
· Supermarkets
· Golf courses
· Ski resort
· Wellness areas
· Health information with contacts and addresses for emergency services
· Doctor contacts
· Local pharmacies location and timetables
· A map of the area
· Where and when to place household rubbish

Monthly Written Report

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Provide a Monthly Written Report, supplying informative updates on:

· All outcomes of checks and any additional services provided
· On any required maintenance as well as estimates, with all maintenance work priced at highly competitive rates
· Estimates before any required work and maintenance commences.
· Actual meter readings will be notified to you on a periodic basis and will be provided for the relevant utility companies and the local commune
· Periodical reports summarizing all property bills and taxes

“Whatever you need”

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. Offer a “Whatever you need” service, i.e.:

· Private chef
· Chauffeur
· Personal trainer
· Golf instructor
· Water ski instructor
· Skiing instructor
· Italian cooking lessons held in english
· Italian language lessons

Fiscal Assistance

Support you with Fiscal Assistance with the help of specialized professionals as:

· preparing declarations of Income tax
· payment of Property taxes

Extra Services

Extra Services, connected to my profession as Architect, i.e.:

· Application for planning permission
· Choice of construction companies
· Detailed project down to the choice of materials
· Construction supervision
· ‘ Fine Lavori’: all the papers needed to close the planning permission
· Technical advices of works that need to be followed by an architect
I will be my duty to select competent staff and observe the strictest confidence asking all the working people in the property to sign a non-disclosure agreement, as I understand the need to respect a certain level of confidentiality.
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